Welcome to my page, I am a graduate from Dallas Baptist University with a degree in Biology emphasis medical sciences. This is my first year at Brownsboro and I love it! I have a passion for helping and encouraging students succeed in school and at life!

1st Period- 8:05-8:50---- GCS

2nd Period-8:54-9:41-----GCS

Enrichment- 9:45-10:11--- A time for student academic support.

3rd Period- 10:15-11:00---GCS

A Lunch- 11:00-11:30 

4th Period- 11:34-12:19---GCS

5th Period- 12:23-1:08----GCS

6th Period- 1:12-1:57-----GCS  

7th Period- 2:01-2:46-----GCS

8th Period- 2:50-3:35 --- Conference



* Schedule by appointment for tutorial


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me  by email @ phillipsj@gobearsgo.net