Welcome to my page!!

I am so happy to be teaching your child this year. I went to Tyler Junior College and The University of Texas at Tyler. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and also have a Master of Science degree in Math.

I have a wonderful husband, son, two dogs, some fish, and 2 bearded dragons.


1st Period- 8:00-8:45--- Dual Credit Statistics/Dual Credit College Algebra

2nd Period-8:49-9:34--- Lead Teacher

Enrichment- 9:38-10:11--- A time for student academic support.

3rd Period- 10:15-11:00--- Algebra 2 Pre-AP

4th Period- 11:04-11:49---  Conference

5th Period- 11:53-12:38--- Dual Credit Statistics/Dual Credit College Algebra

C Lunch- 12:38-1:08

6th Period- 1:12-1:57--- Dual Credit Precalculus/Dual Credit Calculus

7th Period- 2:01-2:46--- AP Calculus

8th Period- 2:50-3:35--- TSI Math

Conference: 11:04-11:49

Tutorials Times:
  • Tuesday Mornings
  • Thursday Afternoons
  • I am also available many other mornings and afternoons, so check with me!
If you have any questions please contact me at comstocks@gobearsgo.net