Majorettes and Flags are here to support the band! If you would like more information about the current line, or how to become a future member contact Carrie Ham at hamc@gobearsgo.net  or Jeffery Russell at russelj@gobearsgo.net 
We are excited to announce that our new 2019-2020 line members are :
Twirlers :
Sydney West 
Sarah Cook 
Jordan Montgomery 
Ella Collum 
Nadily Lee 
Azja Hughes
Matthew Tibbit 
April McDaniel 
Angel Kidd 
Rylee Bass 
Solana Collins 
Peyton Cormier 
Karla Marquez 
Twirl Captain - Sydney West 
Flag Captain - Karla Marquez 
Mandatory Line and Parent meeting will be on Tuesday, May the 14th at 6:30.
Members need to dress nicely for the meeting.  We will take group pictures! Thanks !