Prom 2019 information

Place: UT Tyler Ornelas Activity Center Ballroom

Date: April 6, 2019

Time: 7:00 – 11:00pm

Theme: Underwater/Seascape

Ticket Amounts: $20 for single; $35 for you and a date, if bought prior to 12/20/18

$30 for single; $50 for you and a date, if bought between 01/08/19 and 03/08/19

$40 for single; $65 for you and a date, if bought between 03/18/19 until 04/04/19


If you sign up a date and that date changes, you MUST change your date’s name in the office. If you or your date is not signed up in the office, you will NOT be allowed to attend prom. The deadline to make changes and to sign up for the prom will be 04/04/19 at 3:30 no exceptions.

Dates who do not attend Brownsboro High School must complete a Guest Approval Form and turn it in to Mrs. Grubbs by March 22, 2019 at 3:30pm. If they do not pass the background check, they will not be allowed to go to prom. An alternate date can be submitted remember there are no refunds.

No junior high students will be allowed to attend. Your date cannot be older than 19 years old AND must not have graduated before 2018.

Prom Dress Code will be enforced for ANYONE who attends. You will be turned away if you are not dressed according to the guidelines. When in doubt, ask Mrs. Grubbs, Mrs. Kelm or Mr. Crouse.

 Girls—NO cleavage, no low backs, no belly; all gowns must be knee length; if the gown has a slit it must not be higher than the knee.

 Guys—clean shaven; no earrings; must have a tie; long sleeve shirt; if jeans are worn they must be BLACK, clean, and pressed.


Other questions: See Mrs. Grubbs