Dismissal traffic plan

Due to the work being done on Saylors Street, Brownsboro High School traffic flow will be affected until work is completed. Construction is not expected to be finished until late September. 

For morning drop-off everyone MUST enter from HWY 31. Students may park in student parking or parents/guardians may drop off students in the front of the building and exit back to HWY 31. There will be NO entry or exit from High School onto Saylors St.

The following graphic will depict how traffic will flow at dismissal time for students who drive and parents who choose to pick up their students from school at the end of the day. The Main Entrance (closest to the marquee) will be entrance only and all “pick-up” traffic will use this drive and will turn left and will exit using the east drive (closest to BJH).

Students that drive will follow the yellow line around the back of the school and will exit using the east drive as well. There will be NO ENTRY at the east drive from 2:30-4:30 pm to allow free flow of traffic.

**We appreciate everyone’s patience and look forward to better roads. Don’t forget to throw some cheerful waves as we pass each other over the next few days to make this as easy as possible and share the Bear love!*