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A message from the Principal: 

I am excited to see what the future has in store for the students at BHS. What makes me the most excited is to get to celebrate the victories of others along the way. To celebrate the accomplishments of our students and staff has always been and will always be what excites me most.

My goal is simple as I start – to commit myself to making sure that BHS exemplifies excellence in every area. I want more than anything for Brownsboro High School to be a place that the community, the staff, and the students can take pride in. I want it to be felt, more than just talked about. Our students deserve a place they can be proud of, and so does our staff and our community. It is so much easier said than done – but that is my goal.

My career goals have always been the same as my life goals and that is to simply be obedient to God’s call and plan for my life. I believe that goals and aspirations are important for us to have as we progress through the different stages of our lives and careers, and my goals have evolved over time and adapted to the situations I found myself in, however, because of my belief that God has a plan for me that is better than my own, I have always felt confident that God would place me in the positions that I need to be in order to accomplish His will.