Brownsboro High School


Hello from Room C116 (World Geography),
I am Bryan Lovett, a world geography teacher. This is my first year teaching and coaching at Brownsboro High School. Before this, I was a regional manager for a national office supply company. I graduated from University Texas at Tyler with a bachelor of science in history and minor in social studies. I have three children. My hobbies include coaching girls youth softball, and spending time with my family.
Class schedule:
1st Period: World Geography (8:05- 8:50)
2nd Period: Pre-AP World Geography (8:54- 9:41)
Enrichment- Adding depth and complexity to the world (9:45-10:11)
3rd Period- Freshmen Boys Athletics (10:15-11:00)
Lunch- (11:00-11:30)
4th  Period- World Geography (11:34- 12:19)
5th Period- World Geography (12:23- 1:08)
6th Period- World Geography (1:12-1:57)
7th Period- Conference (2:01- 2:46)
8th Period- JV/Varsity Boys Athletics (2:50- 3:35)
* Tutorials are Tuesday and Thursdays from 7:40-8:00 am or by appt.