Brownsboro High School


Assistant High School Band Director:
Jazz Band Director
Drumline Coordinator 
8th Grade Director 
Contact info:
Office Phone, (903)852-3784
Conference Period: 8:55 - 9:45
Facebook: Brownsboro High School Band
Bachelor of Music from University of Texas at Tyler 

This course is performance based and covers PE and fine arts credit for the fall semester. This semester, students will be expected to learn fundamentals of military marching. Students will then be expected to perform maneuvers in a traditional military drill. Students will perform various styles and genres of music including marches, Pop tunes, and concert repertoire. Students will be evaluated through performances of football games, various band contest, rehearsals, and individual play offs. Students will also be exposed to individual competitions through band etudes, solo's, and ensembles. Band is a performance oriented class, and all students are expected to attend all events, rehearsals, and performances.
Jazz Band is a growing class that meets first period everyday. This class is required to play at fund raisers, basketball games, spring and fall concerts. The class studies various types of Jazz repertoire from latin jazz to swing style, ballads, big band charts and the art of improvising solos.