Brownsboro High School


Hello. My name is Holly Featherston Dunklin and I am excited to be at Brownsboro High School this year.  I have taught for 26 years and this will be the 12th year here at BHS.

This year I will be teaching Algebra I and Algebra II. My conference period is during 5th period which is 11:53 - 12:38.

1st Period- 8:05-8:50-------Algebra 2

2nd Period-8:54-9:41-------Department Chair

Enrichment- 9:45-10:11--- A time for student academic support.

3rd Period- 10:15-11:00---Algebra 1

4th Period- 11:04-11:49---Algebra 1

5th Period- 11:53-12:38----Algebra 1

C Lunch- 12:38-1:08

6th Period- 1:12-1:57------Algebra 1

7th Period- 2:01-2:46------Algebra 1 Pre-AP

8th Period- 2:50-3:35------Algebra 1

I offer tutorials Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings starting at 7:30. If this does not work for your student, I am available at other times by appointment.

I'm looking forward to working with your child this year!!