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I am so glad that you decided to visit my page!

I look forward to getting to know each of you as we experience the beauty of mathematics together and am proud to be a part of the Bear Family!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at You are also more than welcome to drop by and speak with me during my conference period, which is from 11:36 to 12:24.





1st Period    8:05-8:50             Algebra I

2nd Period   8:54-9:41             Algebra I

                    8:45-10:11           Enrichment

3rd Period    10:15-11:00        Algebra I

4th Period    11:04-11:49         Algebra I

5th Period   11:53-12:38         Conference      

Lunch          12:40-1:10         

6th Period    1:12-1:57           Pre-AP Geometry

7th Period    2:01-2:46            Pre-AP Geometry

8th Period     2:50-3:35           Pre-AP Geometry


I will be available for extra help at these times:

Monday         3:30-3:50 pm

Tuesday        7:40-8:00 am

*Math Tutorials are available every day except Thursday morning and Friday afternoon.  The above times are when I will officially be available.  I am also available other days before and after school so if there is another time that you want to come in, let me know and I will be here for you!



Click on the link for your class (in the top right) for more specific information pertaining to the class you are taking.


Notice that I have provided links below for any forms that you may need.