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I am so glad you are interested to learn more about Professional Communications and/or Debate class.  I am located in A116 and would love to visit with you.  Please check out the links to the right of your screen for more information.  
Come See Me and Work With Me
Conference time:  8th period 2:50 - 3:35
Tutorials:  Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 3:35-4:00.  Walk-Ins welcome and appointments are encouraged.  
Class Schedule
See below for more information on each class.  

1st Period - Professional Communications
2nd Period - Professional Communications
3rd Period - Bear Academy:  Dual Credit Speech/Art
4th Period - Professional Communications
5th Period - Bear Academy:  Dual Credit Speech/Art
6th Period - Professional Communications
7th Period - Debate I, II, III
8th Period - Conference 


Recent Posts

"Debate Madness"

Last month, in the spirit of the famous "March Madness" tournaments, we started our own debate tournaments.  Students are learning all about policy debate.  Students have been paired with a partner and have been building affirmative and negative cases.  Then, students were placed in brackets based on win/loses and speaker points.  From there - we narrowed it down to "championship" and "consolation" brackets.  We are now in the middle of these rounds and students are learning so much.  

These class periods are 100% student led.  Students are judges, filling out real UIL debate ballots, running times, debating and participating in questioning periods.  My only role has been to facilitate!  

Persuasive Speeches

This week our Professional Communication classes have been knocking out persuasive speeches.  Students have had the opportunity to earn points for their speeches by choosing options on a menu.  To learn more - see the menu below from our "Comm Cafe."

Directions: Please complete this menu to reflect the choices you will make to prepare and present a persuasive speech. Circle your choices. If working with a partner, please only submit one (1) copy for both of you. Your menu must = $100 min

APPETIZER (Style - How will you choose to work to present your information?  Choose wisely.)
Partner Presentation (2 people) - $30
Individual Presentation -$40

ENTREE (Delivery - How will you deliver your presentation?)
Infomercial on Topic - $30
Live Speech Presentation - $40

SIDE DISHES (Visuals - What can you add to the main dish to make it visually appealing, more colorful and add visual stimulation for your audience?)
A prop - $10
Collage of Pictures - $10 
Powerpoint (5-10 slides)- $10
A Slideshow (w/music & text) - $15
Original video about your topic (for live speeches only) $15

DESSERT (Extra Credit - How will you "sweeten" the speech?)
Personal video Interview w/ someone about your topic - $20
Professional Dress for day of presentation - $15
Student/Staff Survey about your topic - $15


Speaking is Happening!

We are off to another great semester in Professional Communications.  Students have already spoken twice and are currently working in partners for their next presentation.  Check out this website, to see this incredible tool we are currently using in class to create presentations.  

Parent Information

Your student will receive first day packets along with helpful for information for Professional Communications & Debate class.  Please read this with your student and sign and return forms as soon as possible.  

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