Brownsboro High School


Welcome! My name is Laura Corley, and I teach chemistry at BHS. I have a bachelor's degree from ETBU and a master's degree in education from SFASU. If you have any questions, please let me know. It is my goal that this year is a great experience for my students where they will learn a lot about chemistry and be prepared for their next science courses. Email is the best and easiest way to reach me, but you can also call up to the school and leave a message with the secretary.

Class Schedule

1st Period- 8:05-8:50- -- -- -- Pre-AP Chemistry
2nd Period-8:54- 9:41-- -- -- - Lead Teacher Period
Enrichment- 9:45-10:11- -- A time for student academic support.
3rd Period- 10:15-11:00- -- Pre-AP Chemistry
4th Period- 11:04-11:49- -- Conference
5th Period- 11:53-12:38- -- - AP Chemistry
C Lunch- 12:38-1:08
6th Period- 1:12-1:57- -- -- - Pre-AP Chemistry
7th Period- 2:01-2:46- -- -- - Chemistry
8th Period- 2:50-3:35- -- -- - Pre-AP Chemistry

Tutorial Times
- 7:45-8:00 AM, T/Th
- 3:35-3:55 PM, M-W
- Enrichment tutorials/help available during the school day each week
- Fridays by appointment only
- Other times available upon request